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the skating specialists

Sometimes you don’t need the hassle of buying all the bits separately, which is why Dive Skate & Ski have a range of quality skateboards that you can just grab and go.

Great for beginners, our skateboard and long board cruisers range from just $59 through to $299 complete.

We also have a large selection of inline skates - from models designed for cruising along the Foreshore or Fernleigh Track.

And if you’re looking for a groovy blast from the past, and would like to take a roll along Memory Lane (and possibly down Amnesia Street), Dive Skate & Ski are proud to welcome back the old-style skates that we’d all forgotten about - you know, the ones with two wheels at the front and two wheels at the back, on a kind of sneaker rather than a boot?

If you can’t remember, or would just like to take a look at these retro rollers, pop in.